We have spent all summer looking forward to the month of August, and now it’s here!

You and your family do not want to miss the great singing and powerful preaching every Sunday and Thursday night in August.  And especially plan to be part of our Awesome August Revival from Sunday the 25th through Thursday the 29th with Dr. John Hamblin.

A complete list of our guest preachers for the month is located on our home page at  If you can’t make one of the services, you can still watch it online by logging on to the website.

Please help us pray for Revival, and that God would help us have an Awesome August!

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Thank you to Pastor Caudill, my family and friends and everyone at Canaan Baptist Church for helping me have a wonderful birthday!

All of the kind words and love shown to me and my family have been such a blessing.  Thank you for the opportunity and provision to be away together as a family for a few days!

We look forward to the coming days, and praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him with you!

God Bless You!


2013 Super Sunday PosterEach Spring at Canaan, we enjoy our children’s Sunday School, adult Bible Fellowship Group and  Bus Ministry Campaigns.

Our faithful bus workers are busy making new contacts to fill their buses so that their team can be the “Super Bus” this spring.  Also, Canaan has the finest group of Sunday School teachers, and Bible Fellowship Group Leaders!  From our children’s classes all the way through to our Senior Adult class, the goal is for every seat to be filled, and every family involved.  We are anticipating “Super Sundays” in April, and we are praying for God to use us and increase our faith as we work to build our church, by building our families through the Sunday School ministry!

Of course, our goal and prayer is that many people would come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and that many families and Christians would be encouraged and helped as the Word of God is taught and preached.

April 7 – “Do That Again” Sunday

April 14 – “911” Sunday

April 21 – “Celebrate Grandparents” Sunday

And of course, all of this comes to a peak on this Sunday, April 28 which is FAMILY AND FRIENDS DAY!  Our attendance goal for Sunday School is 575!  Since the close of February with a great week of Jubilee, and a blessed Easter season and Canaan Passion Play – we have enjoyed a  wonderful Spring of Sunday’s, and we believe that we will reach this goal!  Let’s all work hard to get the job done, for the glory of God.

We have a place for you – and we need your help!  Come and join us, we’re looking for you!

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2013 passion play cardWe are asking the Lord for a tremendous 2013 Easter Passion Play at Canaan Baptist Church and for a great attendance for both services!  A great spirit of unity has been shared among everyone involved!  The singing, speaking and even the technical aspects are so vitally important, that there be no distraction from the true purpose of these services!

Yes, the true success of the 2013 Passion Play, will be that the Lord has met with us, to the point that precious souls will be saved by the grace of God!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the message of “Alpha & Omega!”

Many, many unsaved family and friends have been invited, and we pray that many of the general public will be attending as well!  Over 13,000 personal invitations have been distributed.  All to the end of people coming to know Christ as their Savior!  That is still what it’s all about, and I’m so thankful that we have it that way in the Land of Canaan!

Also, you will not find a more Scriptural Easter Passion Play, with Christ-honoring music and a clear Gospel message anywhere else!  Join us!  We will have much to celebrate and praise God for in the days ahead!

Praise the Lord for the empty tomb and a coming King!

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jubilee poster 13

It is such a joy to remind you that it’s Jubilee Time In The Land Of Canaan!  There is no other week of the entire year like this one!  We are praying right now for the great men of God that our Pastor has invited to preach for this Tenth Annual Jubilee.  The Lord is using these men across this country and around the world – and it is our wonderful privilege to have them preaching for us at Canaan.

We need this Jubilee!  We need Revival!  We need the Lord!

Anyone who has been around the Lord’s house these last few weeks, can tell of the wonderful presence of the Lord that He has blessed us with – service after service!  I love all the singing!  I love all the shouting & praising God!  And I love the preaching of His Word!  And this is the meeting for the best and most of it all!  Yet, all of those things are nothing without the true presence of the Holy Spirit.  As Dr. Caudill says often, the question is not, “Will the Lord show up and do great things?”  The question is, “When the Lord shows up, will I allow Him to do great things in my life?”  So, we are praying for a touch of Heaven on earth during the Jubilee.  Just as Joshua, we desire and desperately need the Captain of the Lord’s host!

Please join me and my family in praying for the Tenth Annual Land of Canaan Jubilee.  We need your help!  Please make your plans to join us!  Don’t miss it, it’s going to be great!

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A portion of the Word of God that I have read many times, recently was used of the Holy Spirit to help me, and challenge me in my need to prepare for the Tenth Annual Land Of Canaan Jubilee.

Joshua 5: 13-15 gives us the account of Joshua’s meeting with the Captain of the Lord’s Host.  In considering Joshua’s response to this Man, we can find help in having a heart that is ready for Revival.

As the Land Of Canaan Jubilee begins tomorrow, may we as Joshua:

1.  Realize Who’s Presence We Are In  (vs. 14, “…my Lord…”)

2.  Reverence The Person We Are With  (vs. 14, “…Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship…”)

3.  Request The Purpose Of His Presence  (vs. 14, “…what saith my Lord unto his servant?”)

4.  Remove Any Potential For Disruption & Distraction  (vs. 15, “…Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy.”)

5.  React Precisely As Commanded  (vs. 15, “And Joshua did so.”)

6.  Rehearse To People What The Captain Said  (6:6, “And Joshua the son of Nun…said unto them…”)

As Pastor Caudill preached on the last Lord’s day, may we deal with our sin, because our sin will withhold God’s best! Jeremiah 5:25  For Israel, Jubilee was always a new beginning!  May the Lord help us to be Revived by His Spirit, and serve Him with a fresh and new fire in our souls!

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February 23, 2013 1 comment

We have had a great month of February. Canaan Baptist Church has so many wonderful families who have a desire to serve the Lord and see Him accomplish great things at our church. It is such a blessing to serve the Lord with them.  Each of us can accomplish a great work for Christ by serving in our local church.  Just being faithful accomplishes so much!  Canaan Baptist Church is no stronger than the families that make up our church family.  February is also the month that leads into the Tenth Annual Land Of Canaan Jubilee, starting this Sunday, February 24!  Thanks so much to everyone who has helped prepare for the biggest meet of our year.  As our Pastor says often, you will get out of Church, what you are willing to put into Church!  These are big and exciting days with more to follow!  Be part of what God is doing in the Land Of Canaan!  Don’t miss it!

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